Living with Coronavirus in Ajijic, Mexico

We are not the only ones whose lives have been changed – probably forever – by the Covid19 Pandemic and our hope is that all of you are weathering the restrictions with a positive attitude and, like us, are making the most of this forced “down time” in your lives. 

Despite being in mandatory ‘lockdown’ until mid-June (and possibly later), our life here in Ajijic still offers us a chance to learn more about the town, the people, the language and the lifestyle.  We are fortunate to live in a beautiful, small condo situation where we can relax and eat meals on our patio, swim in a pool shared by the four houses, grow flowers and go for walks around the neighborhood for exercise.

Time to get rid of the “Round Tuit”!

We are not implying that it’s easy but feel this is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the many things we would have liked to have done “if only we’d had the time”! 

And do something about it!

Priscilla has made yet another commitment to learn Spanish!  Bill is learning to build websites which is both frustrating and exciting.

We both tend to our tiny Patio herb and succulent gardens.  And every day Bill checks the papaya plant next to the house to see if the fruit is ready to harvest!  They are not ripe yet and he is talking about making Thai Green Papaya Salad like we had on our Asia trips!  Frankly, he’s not getting much encouragement!

Maybe this sounds mundane but what a pleasure to be able to step out of the rat race and connect with the simple pleasures of life!

Having said that, our State of Jalisco is only slowly opening up and helicopters regularly fly over the house announcing loud messages in Spanish which we assume are saying that we should stay in our houses.


There are road blocks on the main road leading from Guadalajara into our area (Chapala/Ajijic) where people who don’t have a good reason for entering are turned back.  So far it appears that this has reduced the number of Covid19 incidences.  But one questions the accuracy of the overall Mexico Coronavirus count and what it means for future travel.

We venture out (wearing masks) once a week to replenish our food supplies.  All the venues we can choose from are within a short drive or walk from our house. 

Walmart has a good selection of household supplies, meat and groceries.  Super Lake and Pancho’s cater to the “Gringo” community and sell products from Costco and Sam’s (at a markup, of course!).  If we prefer, we can place a Costco or Sam’s order with Miguel who will pick up and deliver at a nominal fee. A great service we’ve used more than once.

We buy excellent meat and fish at local shops, the street markets are opening up slowly and every weekend there is a Chicken and Rib BBQ set up along the main road (Carretera) if we don’t feel like cooking. We have more then we need.  As Bill says:

“It’s not a bad Post!”.

Most of the local restaurants offer Take Out and Delivery services which is very helpful particularly for the elderly residents who are unable to shop and/or cook for themselves.

We were thrilled to find a restaurant, Chopsticks, that is owned by a Vietnamese husband and Chinese wife.  We can now get our Vietnamese soup “fix” whenever we want! 

While we are coping with our new lifestyle here, we are well aware that many of the Mexican people are experiencing very difficult times.  As part of the Expat community we are doing what we can by contributing to Food Kitchens and other organizations to help the needy survive this challenging period. 

The Mexican people are very resourceful and family oriented but, like anywhere else in the world, some people inevitably fall through the cracks.

Our hearts go out to those around the world who are living alone during this time and are feeling the effects of loneliness and, possibly, depression.  Fortunately, our modern Tech age gives us communication tools such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and others to connect with family and friends. We hope these bring comfort to those who are feeling the effects of the enforced isolation.

We’d love to know how you are adapting to this “new normal”.  Leave a comment below to share with - and encourage - others.

Remember, we’re all in this together!

  • Capt. Bob Joyce says:

    Wishing you guy’s well during these tough times, your new
    place looks real nice, thanks for sharing
    Capt Bob & Bobbie

  • Pete Baker says:

    probably better there, than with the riots-Deland Florida is next on antfa list wednesday night(they advertise for people on craigs list)

  • Lyn says:

    We enjoyed reading your post and keeping up with you by phone, etc. It looks and sounds very peaceful, unlike on the news here at the moment! Take care…Love, Bill and Lyn

  • Michael Dyrland says:

    Hi Guys! So happy to once again catch up with you and your travels as I throughly enjoyed all of your previous travels!
    We too are doing everything necessary to get through this Pandemic! Fortunately, after leaving Orlando 3-yrs ago to Tavares, Fl we have our own Shangrila, private lake, nice Gazebo/dock and a 20’ Pontoon. We are never bored as much to do around the house and yard!
    Again, it’s great to hear from you and continue to be safe and enjoy all the positives!
    Yours truly, Mike & Judy

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